Graduate Program in Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology

Requirements & Deadlines




Our graduate program is open for everyone who possesses an academic bachelor degree. If this degree is in a field not related to archaeology, you will be asked to provide some writing samples from a term paper, thesis or an essay, as well as to take some additional courses during your MA studies.


Language requirements:


Students coming from non-English undergraduate programs should provide a proof of fluency in written and spoken English such as the IELTS, CAE, or other similar language certifications.





As most universities in the European Union, the NBU has a two-semester system with a ‘Fall’ term from October to February and a ‘Spring’ term from February to July. Our graduate program starts in the beginning of October.


Application deadline for MA studies: May 15.


On a case by case basis it is possible for applications submitted later than May 15 to be accepted under certain circumstances. For details please contact our program coordinator. 


Applications for PhD studies are accepted over the entire year.


For infos on the application procedure please refer to our ‘How to Apply’ section.








Excavations of the Classical Roman urban site Dolcea in the East Adriatic (Montenegro)