Graduate Program in Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology

How to Apply



Application procedure for the Graduate Program in Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology:


  1. Please contact per e-mail our program coordinator (bo.atana@nbu.bg) and arrange an online conversation with him. Our coordinator will provide you with details about the application process, teaching, fieldwork opportunities and everything you would like to know about the program. In this conversation you will be asked to shortly introduce yourself and tell us about your interests and experiences related to the graduate program, your career objectives etc. Do not forget to mention academic awards or other distinctions.


  1. Next you will be asked to send us per e-mail a motivation essay, your Bachelor’s degree transcript (academic record) and a letter of recommendation. The letter could be sent either as a sealed hard copy by post, or as an e-mail directly from the recommender to bo.atana@nbu.bg.


  1. Following approval by our program board, you will be provided with application forms, with a checklist for enclosed documents (Bachelor’s diploma and so on) and asked to return them by post to:

    Bogdan Athanassov

    Department of Archaeology

    New Bulgarian University

    21, Montevideo Street

    Sofia 1618, Bulgaria


  1. The administration of New Bulgarian University will come into contact with your school in order to verify the authenticity of your undergraduate degree. Occasionally this procedure can take time. Furthermore NBU will forward a copy of your diploma and transcripts to the National Centre for Information and Documentation (https://nacid.bg/en/).


  1. After a successful verification of your undergraduate degree you will be invited by NBU to wire within two weeks the tuition fee. Following this you will be enrolled as a graduate student.



Please note that steps 1 to 4 of this application process are not binding and you can cancel the application process at any time. A cancellation after step #5 is not possible.





Application procedure for PhD studies:  


Please contact our program coordinator Bogdan Athanassov (bo.atana@nbu.bg).